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Average Coverage 8-9 Square Metres approx, dependent of Joint widths and Depth

Joint-It Simple is a water permeable, cement-free, ready-mixed paving jointing compound made from a mixture of specialist, non-hazardous, sands and glues. 

Technically, Joint-It Simple is a compound and is different to a traditional paving mortar or grout because of the type of glue used.  However, the terms mortar and grout are commonly used to describe many ready-mixed paving jointing products, including our unique Joint-It Simple. 

Joint-It Simple comes in 3 colours – Neutral, Grey and Dark Grey. The lid on each bucket and a tick on the colour indicator on the side of each bucket of Joint-It Simple indicates the colour of the product inside.
Examples of a variety of natural stone paving can be viewed on our website with each colour of Joint-It Simple. 

Contact with air makes Joint-It Simple harden which is why you must use plenty of water on your paving slabs before you open and tip-out the bag. Wet paving slabs prevent Joint-It Simple from penetrating into porous natural stone.

With Joint-It Simple you must use water.
The paving slabs must be wet
 before you tip out the product, otherwise Joint-It Simple may accentuate any natural discoloration in your paving slabs.
This is why Joint-It Simple can be applied in the rain,
 as well as in dry weather. 

We recommend that you avoid using a power-washer on your paving for a minimum of 30 days after applying Joint-It Simple. 

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